Through My Eyes


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Holding any device that can capture a moment creates in me a sense of wonder.  I love every form of photography from pinhole tin can ‘cameras’ to my Nikon D90 DSLR.  I keep promising myself that I’ll soon have an Etsy shop full of my own pix but alas real life usually gets in the way of that accomplishment.  For the moment, however, I do have a few of my more popular prints at Wild Gypsy Art on Etsy.

It TUESDAY! And that means Texture Tuesdays at Kim Klassen’s Cafe I don’t even know which of her Textures I used on these but I know that I LOVE her approach to photography! Delicate yet strong…just like her! I was inspired this evening to do another Texture Tuesday offering. I call this one Love Roses.





“Swing High”


“Swing Low”

Additional photographic prints will become available before the Holiday shopping season begins…that’s a promise!   Thanks for stopping by…follow this blog for updates!

So take a swing by Wild Gypsy Artfor more chic and cottage shabby photos!

SHOW Monday


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Link up to SHOW (SHot OF the Weekend) and show us what you’ve got!
That sugar maple in front of my Mom’s house was absolutely gorgeous. The yellow was so luminous it was almost neon. I did a bit of work with some subtle overlays and a bump in the curves but otherwise this looks as stunning as it did in ‘real life’. I love Autumn *sigh* …too bad winter isn’t far behind with its monochromatic palette. This was taken with my iPhone 5 ios 7 with Transfer filter activated.
WordPress has a fabulous blog setup but it doesn’t allow me to use Mister Linky. Instead of beating my head into the wall I’ve started the twin to this blog over on blogger. You can go there to add the blog link to your SHOW pic. Here’s the link: Until I figure out a work around I’ll have to do double duty to feature this content. Thanks for understanding. Cat

SHOW is coming!


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SHOW or SHOt of the Weekend is coming to this blog tomorrow, November 4th.  Link your blog post via Mister Linky and let’s connect photographers around the world showing what shot they loved best from their weekend.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share my fav shot of this past weekend so won’t you join in the fun? For today I’m sharing my DD’s Halloween face!Lauren-2013

Texture in your own backyard!


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Yesterday a little package arrived from Amazon.  Inside were my rechargeable batteries, camera battery charger and a CamKix universal clip-on lens for my iPhone 5.  There’s a fish eye, macro & wide angle…I got it primarily for the macro so that I could create overlays from photos of moss, dirt, concrete, etc.  Here are a few shots I’m putting into my overlay folder.  Feel free to snag them for yourself!  See my First Post for a picture of my sweet Sebby overlaid with moss and rust! IMG_2649 Moss on the shed roof.

IMG_2727A dirty gasoline can

IMG_2706Cracks on a wheelbarrow tire

IMG_2682Rust on a green storage box.

Using Photoshop CS6 and adding textures from Kim Klassen, Florabella and KeriyooRemix has given my out of the camera pix a new and exciting life!

First Post!


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Friday Finds is my first posting to my new blog that’s all about iphoneography!  I love taking pictures with the powerful little camera in my iPhone 5…such unexpected moments caught because I was prepared to catch them.  Lots of work to do on this blog but wanted to use Kim Klassen’s Friday Finds linkup as my very first photo to go live from iponeartography.  My special little boy…Sebastian aka Sebby.  Lots of overlays on this one…love how he turned out.