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A bit of a play on words because this post is for inclusion in Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesdays.  But it brought to mind something that I struggle with daily…focusing on what is happening NOW.  Not yesterday or tomorrow but focusing on the NOW and accepting it.

My photo today is of my Lily.  A 6.5 lb cat that has epilepsy and what would probably be diagnosed in humans as autism.  She’s never been ‘normal’ but recently she’s been more accepting of my attentions…and that means there’s something wrong!  Last Friday morning I noticed her nose was stuffy and she was having difficulty breathing.  I called for a Vet’s appt. and was given a 10:30 placement…by 9:15 I didn’t think she’d make it so we rushed her down and they brought her in immediately.  Lily spent the day and when we went to pick her up the Vet explained what they had done throughout the day…including x-rays that revel a large, soft mass in her abdomen.  She has required a lot of special attention and care during her short life…sometimes to the detriment of my other furbabies…all 8 of them!!  But Lily is special and I have accepted that.  What I’m having difficulty accepting now is that her life may be cut even shorter…that I might never have the opportunity to see her grow old.  

Instead of focusing on the negative diagnosis I am choosing to accept and focus on the positives.  She’s with us now and really NOW is all we have.  So each day I will focus on the good she brings along with her ‘troubles’ and be thankful for each breath she breathes beyond the now.

She has been having more seizures than usual and today I found her curled up at the foot of my bed with the quilt pulled over her by one of her loving human family.  She is a special cat and one that I will never forget no matter how many more days we get to spend together.