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Strength is called for any time that we are called upon to do something that we feel is beyond our capabilities.  Take for instance this strong growth of ivy in our backyard…at least 100 feet from a small patch that was growing along the front bank when we moved into this house 20 years ago.  Somehow this ivy was able to creep up and over the front yard, around the door of my studio along the side of the house and up and over the backyard fence.  When you feel like your goal is too far away and there are impossible odds in front of you…remember this ivy and how it slowly but with great determination and strength made it’s long journey.  It survived being trimmed, cut in half over and over but held its ground and kept right on keeping on.  You are stronger than you think!

This picture is for Texture Tuesday.  Kim Klassen’s weekly photo challenge at http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/tag/texture-tuesday  If you have specific questions about the overlays & adjustment layers used, just ask a question…I love interacting with other photogs!Image


Here is a softer version of that ivy…more of a dreamy way of looking at its strength!