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That sugar maple in front of my Mom’s house was absolutely gorgeous. The yellow was so luminous it was almost neon. I did a bit of work with some subtle overlays and a bump in the curves but otherwise this looks as stunning as it did in ‘real life’. I love Autumn *sigh* …too bad winter isn’t far behind with its monochromatic palette. This was taken with my iPhone 5 ios 7 with Transfer filter activated.
WordPress has a fabulous blog setup but it doesn’t allow me to use Mister Linky. Instead of beating my head into the wall I’ve started the twin to this blog over on blogger. You can go there to add the blog link to your SHOW pic. Here’s the link: http://iphoneartography.blogspot.com/ Until I figure out a work around I’ll have to do double duty to feature this content. Thanks for understanding. Cat