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Yesterday a little package arrived from Amazon.  Inside were my rechargeable batteries, camera battery charger and a CamKix universal clip-on lens for my iPhone 5.  There’s a fish eye, macro & wide angle…I got it primarily for the macro so that I could create overlays from photos of moss, dirt, concrete, etc.  Here are a few shots I’m putting into my overlay folder.  Feel free to snag them for yourself!  See my First Post for a picture of my sweet Sebby overlaid with moss and rust! IMG_2649 Moss on the shed roof.

IMG_2727A dirty gasoline can

IMG_2706Cracks on a wheelbarrow tire

IMG_2682Rust on a green storage box.

Using Photoshop CS6 and adding textures from Kim Klassen, Florabella and KeriyooRemix has given my out of the camera pix a new and exciting life!